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Orthopedics Surgical Tables

Orthopedics Operating Table is designed for orthopedics operation and surgical procedures according to the clinical requirements of orthopedics surgeries. The orthopedic OT Tables from Magnatek are widely accepted orthopedic operation theater tables in India. The orthopedic tables demand a high degree of radiolucence for C arm imaging, wide access to C arm for imaging of difficult areas, proper patient positioning for access, and imaging in addition to a high degree of rigidity or stability. We offer a unique design based on feedback from renowned orthopedic surgeons for its orthopedic OT table.

The orthopedic table can be equipped with additional attachments like orthopedic fracture table (Fracture & Lower Limb Traction Unit), Femur Lateral Attachment, Knee arthroscopy, and tibia nailing attachment and Arm Surgery Table to improve ease of operation and achieve proper positioning for an ortho surgeon. OT table for orthopedic surgeries is the right equipment of dedicated orthopedic operating rooms as well as multi-procedure OTs.