Laproscopy endoscopy units Sai Surgicals

Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy / Endoscopic Units

Smooth Instruments for MIS (Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Urology)
Endoscopy units and accessories
Scissors and micro-scissors, also with TC-inserts or “super cut”

Laproscopy Trocar Canula 3-2

Laproscopy Trocar Canula 4

Laproscopy Monopolar Hook Spatula 2

Laproscopy Trocar Canula 2-1

Laproscopy Metzenbaum Thin Blade Scissor

Laproscopy Metzenbaum Scissor

Laproscopy Grasper 1

Laproscopy Grasper 2-1

Hysteroscopy Operative Sheath 1

Hysteroscopy Operative Sheath with Grasper 1-1

Hysteroscopy Grasper Scissor Biopsy Forcep

Grasper 1

High Flow Veress Insufflation Needles 2