Operation-theatre-lights Sai Surgicals

LED OT Lights

Surgeons will immediately notice how red color appear richer and vivid, helping them make tissue i
identification and diagnosis faster and more accurate. 

The Light appears brighter, whiter, deeper. We are able to see where we could not see before! High Brightness levels up to 1,65,000 lux on each dome. Color temperature adjustment 3500-5000K. CRI adjustment. High penetration depth of up to 1500 mm. Up to 50,000 hrs. LED Life. Option of white/multi color LEDs. Very low ceiling height installation of 2400 mm possible. Option of camera in the center of light dome or on 3rd arm. Option of monitor on 3rd arm or on wall. Complete HD Camera System with multiple monitor options & recording system solution available 1500 + satisfied customers globally. Efficient service team for quick support. Battery Backup option available. Cordless Remote Control option available.

Magnaled Tru Double Dome Led

Magnaled Tru With Camera Led

Sleek Plus 500-500 Led

Magnaled Tru 700 Led

Magnaled Sphere 700-500 Led

Magnaled  Sphere 620 Led

Magnaled Sleek 4-3 Led

Magnaled Sleek Plus 500 Led

Magnaled Sphere 620-620 Led